"You must never let anyone see your wings, Van. Do you understand? Never show your wings until the time comes. Promise me. Don't make your mother sad."  - Varie Fanel

Varie Fanel
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Voice Yoshiko Sakakihara (Japanese)

Varie is introduced in episode 7 of the cut series, 11 of the uncut series, when Hitomi touches a feather from Van's wings and receives images of his past. Hitomi discovers that Varie is a Draconian and that Goau married her despite protests from his Fanelian advisors and presumably Balgus.

It's also revealed that Varie is very protective of Van when she catches him in the middle of his first (failed) flight, expressing that he should not reveal his wings to anyone until the right time. This is probably because Draconians are so likely to be persecuted on Gaea.

Heartbroken at her husband's loss and Folken's disappearance, Varie disappears into the woods where the dragons make their nest, presumably to search for Folken but never returns. This takes place when Van is only five years old; Balgus enters the woods to search for her but finds no sign of her body. However, she does appear several times in spirit, offering guidance.