Ah, the warrior's battle can be so invigorating to spectators outside of the ring of blood and flame. The battle of wits and insults between these strong and capable fighters is accentuated by their use of the top machinery that either side can produce. They may arguably be called the best singular fighters in the war, but their "private" duel has demolished the major cities of three countries (Fanelia, Asturia and Freid) as well as countless stretches of forested terrain. The aerial chase scenes and resulting ground battles are enlivened by dramatic music and deranged taunting on the part of my favorite psycho-pyromaniac and his inept but loyal squad of bishonen-in-training. Van was shocked at first by the depth of Dilly's hatred towards him, but he quickly learned to reciprocate in kind. It remains to be seen whether Van can put aside the intense emotions of war and embrace this tortured soul.