Van Slanzar de Fanel
Age 15 (anime)

17 (movie)

Birthday April 12
Father Goau Fanel
Mother Varie Fanel
Siblings Folken Fanel
Issues None
Love Interest Hitomi Kanzaki
Affiliations Draconian
Kingdom Fanelia
Height 165 cm (5'5)
Weight 51 kg (112 lbs)
First Appearance Fateful Confession
Voice Tomokazu Seki (Japanese)

Kirby Morrow (Bandai dub)
Aaron Dismuke (Funimation dub)

"An agitated heart calls dragons. Hate and fear create conflict." - Van Fanel
Van Fanel (バァン・ファーネル Baan Fāneru) is the deuteragonist of The Vision of Escaflowne and Escaflowne. He is the son of Goau Fanel and Varie Fanel, and the younger brother of Folken Fanel.

While completing the Rite of Succession to ascend the Fanelian throne, he and the dragon he is hunting are suddenly transported to Earth, where he meets Hitomi Kanzaki. He discovers that he must work together with Hitomi to not only save his beloved Fanelia, but the whole of Gaea as well.

Appearance Edit

Van has brown eyes and short black hair that often covers his left eye. He wears a loose red sleeveless shirt, tan pants, black boots, and a sword belt. His hands are covered by large brown gloves.

In the first episode, Van wears dragon-slaying armor. In the second episode, he wears a coronation outfit with a pointed helmet.

Personality Edit

Van doesn't trust people he doesn't know, and is known to make rash and unwise decisions. He is very protective of the people he cares about. Van is mostly a loner, and he doesn't have very many people he can trust. He is often brash, impulsive, moody, arrogant, wildly brave, often risking his life by crashing forward and is very stubborn and sometimes can't control his temper, but in the end he has a good heart and would stop at nothing to protect this friends.

Early LifeEdit

 Before the series Van was a carefree child, shown when he spread his wings after Merle dared him. He was close to his mother. After his father's death, Folken and his mother's disappearance, Balgus became a surrogate father to him as well as his teacher, mentor & trainer in swordsmanship.

In-Depth InformationEdit

Van Fanel is the young half-Draconian King of Fanelia who suddenly appears on Earth one day, fighting a Dragon. His life narrowly saved by Hitomi, a schoolgirl caught up in the battle, Van returns to his kingdom only to learn he must cope with drastic changes in his life after Fanelia is destroyed by Zaibach. He pilots Escaflowne, a Guymelef made by the mysterious Ispano tribe which can transform into a flying dragon. He earns his right to pilot Escaflowne through a blood pact which connects his body and soul to Escaflowne. Due to the blood pact and Hitomi's influence, Van becomes injured when the Escaflowne is damaged, and these wounds will not close until Escaflowne is repaired. Consequently, if Escaflowne is destroyed, Van will die.

His destiny and Hitomi's are linked, and he is initially dependent on Hitomi's clairvoyant abilities, which save his life more than once. He also holds a grudge against Folken for leaving his native Kingdom of Fanelia for Zaibach and Dornkirk for his grand ambitions. Due to being half-Draconian, Van is able to manifest a pair of feathered wings which enable him to fly.

Videos Edit

Escaflowne movie – Van kills some of the Black Dragon Clan soldiers Japanese

Escaflowne movie – Van kills some of the Black Dragon Clan soldiers Japanese


  • According to the way he holds his sword, Van is right-handed.
  • Van's name is similar to his mother's name, they both start with "Va-".
  • During the anime's development, Van was initially named Dai Ginga.
  • Yuuki experimented with some initial designs in which Van had one red right eye and one left green eye instead of two red eyes.
  • Van's official title is: "His Majesty The King of Fanelia."

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