Vision of Escaflowne episode
“The Blue-Eyed Prince”
Episode no. Episode 10
Writer(s) Akihiko Inari
Director Hiroshi Ohsaka
Original broadcast June 04, 1996
Episode chronology
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Memories of a FeatherProphecy of Death



After Millerna successfully nurses Allen's wounds, the party turns towards Freid, the kingdom where her deceased eldest sister Marlene married into the royal family. Here, they meet Marlene's son Prince Chid, a blue-eyed innocent who still remembers stories his mother recounted of the peerless knight Allen.



  • The layout of tarot cards Hitomi starts to form is the Celtic Cross. The cards show the distinct difference between her tarot set and the "typical" tarot set. For example, the card in the middle is called "La Ambizione" (sic) (L'Ambizione or Ambition)/Warrior of Serpents (Ryuu no Senshi in Japanese) instead of Knight of Pentacles. Hitomi's deck is based on the Merlin Tarot variant in which the third highest court card after queen is warrior (not knight) and Serpents/Dragons is the suit associated with fire (not pentacles). Likewise, Hitomi calls the "Il Monde" (sic) card to the left "Uchuu" or Space/Universe. (What other decks call World or "Il Mondo," the Merlin Tarot calls Universe.) Hitomi's tarot set is different from Merlin Tarot for one of the cards though; Hitomi's Three of Serpents is La Tensione (Tension), an apparent corruption of the Merlin Tarot's Intention/Three of Serpents.


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