Vision of Escaflowne episode
“The Black Winged Angel”
The Black Winged Angel
Episode no. Episode 22
Writer(s) Ryohta Yamaguchi
Director Hiroshi Ohsaka
Original broadcast August 27, 1996
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Reaction of FortuneStorm Premonition



Asturia's royal council discusses whether to submit to Zaibach or rally against the empire. Folken summons Van and Hitomi back to the ruins of Fanelia which he indirectly helped destroy. Here, the brothers and Hitomi face two dragons, and Folken reveals the truth about his disappearance during the pre-coronation dragon-slaying ritual ten years ago.



  • The members of the Asturia Kingdom High Council meeting are, in order, Dryden Fassa, Allen Schezar, Van Fanel, Interior Minister, Foreign Minister, Finance Minister, Military Minister, and Meiden Fassa. With King Aston in ailing health, Dryden is assuming the acting leadership role.
  • Natal makes her first apperance in a while.


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