Vision of Escaflowne episode
“Fateful Confession”
Episode no. Episode 13
Writer(s) Akihiko Inari
Director Hiroki Kanno
Original broadcast June 25, 1996
Episode chronology
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The Secret DoorDangerous Wounds



Zaibach devastates the capital of Freid, and Duke Freid and Prince Chid flee with Hitomi's party to Fortona Temple in the country's outskirts. The monks here present the duke with the sword that unseals the legend of the power of Atlantis. Folken directs the Zaibach troops towards the temple, intent on claiming the sword and fulfilling Hitomi's vision of a bloody outcome to the battle.



  • To stave off the Zaibach invasion, the Freid army divides itself among three positions. Van in his Escaflowne covered the advance point vanguard, while Allen in his Scherazade maintained the central position. Finally, Duke Freid leads the defensive from a third position in his Chafaris. Gaddes and the other Crusade crewmembers watches guard over the Fortona Temple itself.


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