Inhabitants of Earth and Gaea. They live an average lifespan and with few exceptions (e.g. Hitomi Kanzaki), possess no supernatural abilities. Most of the main and secondary characters are humans.


Descendants of the Atlanteans. They live on Gaea and are almost identical to humans. The mark of a Draconian is the pair of beautiful angel wings they possess which allows them to fly.

Known DraconiansEdit

Ispano Edit

The Ispano were servants of the Atlanteans. Visually, they appear as short, cloaked and hooded humanoids, their only visible features being camera-goggles rather than eyes.

Junin (Beast People)Edit

Junin are creatures who have traits of both humans and animals.

Canids Edit

Felinoids Edit

Other Edit

  • Mole Man
  • Dolphin-man (Asturia)
  • Lizard-men (Asturia)
  • Rat-Man (Dryden's Purser(?))

Doppelgangers Edit

The Doppelgangers are shapeshifters who can take on the knowledge and appearance of their chosen marks. Once transformed, they are so indistinguishable from the original that not even another doppelganger can tell the difference.

In their natural state they are long and skeletally lean, with large eyes, chalk pale skin, dark tiger-stripes and pointed ears which extend outward from their heads.

Known Doppelgangers Edit

  • Zongi
  • Unknown Doppelganger (deceased)

Mermaids Edit

The captured mermaid bought and freed by Dryden has long aquamarine hair and matching fish-tail, as well as a pair of ribbed wing-fins extending from behind her shoulders.