"I think everyone's wishes are connected somehow. I'd like to believe that mine will get across someday." - Dryden
Millerna Aston and Dryden Fassa.

Millerna is betrothed to Dryden, the son of King Aston's chief advisor Meiden Fassa. Already in love with Allen, Millerna is at first very reluctant to enter in a relationship with or show romantic interest in anyone else, but Dryden's outgoing, frank nature takes her by surprise, and his generosity makes an even better impression on her. Still attached to Allen, she consults Hitomi for help, wondering whether she should go with Dryden, who seems to be a kind person, or Allen, whom she has known for a longer period of time.

After their rocky first meeting, Millerna apologizes to Dryden, saying that she was wrong about him. He teases her about it, telling her to drop her royal front, and she isn't afraid to make her own comeback. They team up to get Allen to give Dryden his father's journal, which Dryden reads in order to figure out the secret of Atlantis. When Allen gets irritated with Dryden for his interest in his father's escapades, Hitomi goes after him, while Millerna remains with Dryden and the others.

Dryden helps Millerna grow more mature and mellower, without completely suppressing her confident, individualistic personality. They decide to get married after their return from Atlantis. Despite Hitomi's misgivings about Millerna's feelings for Allen, she tells Millerna in a fabricated tarot reading that she will be happy with Dryden, and Millerna believes that might be the truth. They go ahead with the marriage, but because Hitomi exchanged one fate for another, their wedding day is stricken by tragedy. Dryden protects Millerna and is injured in the process. Millerna rips the sleeves off her wedding gown to staunch the bleeding of his wounds. Even after Hitomi tells the truth about what happened, and that the cards said the wedding was wrong, Dryden tells her he doesn't believe in fortune telling, and that Zaibach would have attacked regardless.

In their final conversation, Dryden tells Millerna that she is beautiful, and that he is in love with her. However, he does not feel that she deserves him yet and believes that he needs to go on a journey to find himself first. Though she says she does not know if she'll be waiting when he comes back, he says he'll make her fall for him. He gives her his wedding ring, and leaves to travel abroad while she remains in Palas.