Ispano is a clan whose knowledge was learned from the people of Atlantis. The Guymelefs built by them choose their master through a contract of blood. - Dryden Dangerous Wounds episode.

The Ispano were a mysterious people from the Mystic Moon's past. They were servants of the Atlanteans, building guymelefs and other weapons. However, when Atlantis fell and the few survivors fled to Gaea, the Ispano disappeared into the dimension between the two worlds. There, they vowed to refrain from bothering with the conflicts of Gaea or Earth.

A cloaked Ispano.

However, the Ispano are proud of their creations and are dedicated to their continued operation. Very few of their guymelefs still exist, and in the event of non-catastrophic damage, the armors may activate a homing device that the Ispano can use in order to find and repair them. However, they charge exorbitant fees for their services. They are widely known for the factory ship and the "Ispano White" finish that they use on all their work.


  • Director Kazuki Akane has stated that the Ispano are actually androids created by the Atlanteans. Each one used within the story was given a different number and placement of camera eyes, and their names in Japanese correspond to the number of eyes they have.