A Guymelef is a powerful mechanized battle suit used by warriors of Gaea. They were initially built to fight dragons.

Standing eight to ten meters tall and powered by dragon energists, also called 'drag-energists' they are the most advanced weapons in existence in Gaea, other than those weapons developed by Zaibach during the series.

Most guymelef pilots are skilled soldiers or high-ranking knights. Only the upper class or the most experienced warriors appear to be allowed to pilot a named guymelef, such as Van and Allen amongst others.

The Dragon Armor, Escaflowne, is a powerful and technologically advanced guymelef that took nearly 150 years to fully construct. Created by the mysterious Ispano people using lost technology of the Atlanteans, it has a reputation as a formidable weapon, and referred to as a patron deity of Fanelia, indicating a (perhaps folklorish) belief that it has its own consciousness.

More commonly called 'mecha' in anime and manga genres.