Visions of Escaflowne

A Guymelef (ガイメレフ, gaimerufu) is a powerful mechanized suit of armor used by warriors of Gaea.

In the anime[]

There are two types of mechanized suits of armor on Gaea: Melefs (メレフ, merufu), which stand four meters tall, and Guymelefs, which stand eight to ten meters tall. Both are powered by Energists and were originally built to fight dragons. They may be manufactured by the Ispano Clan, by Zaibach's mass production line, or by independent craftsmen. Until Zaibach began the mass manufacture of Guymelefs, it took decades or centuries to build an individual Guymelef.

Individuals who control Guymelefs are frequently high-ranking soldiers, but may also be other skilled fighters, such as the bounty hunters Van fights in Palas. Royalty or skilled warriors have the privilege of piloting a named Guymelef, such as Van (Escaflowne), Allen (Scherazade), and Duke Freid (Chafaris).

Guymelefs may have any type of weapon. Escaflowne and Scherazade use swords, but Melefs and Guymelefs are also seen with weapons such as lances, bows and arrows, and a ball and chain.

In the episode Dangerous Wounds, Dryden refers to the individual controlling a Guymelef as its "operator" and "master." Hitomi uses the more modern term "pilot." The chamber that the operator sits in is referred to by Allen as the "control chamber."

In the movie[]

Guymelefs are called Dragon Armor in the movie. Only two examples of Dragon Armor are seen in the movie: Van's Escaflowne and Dilandau's red Dragon Armor. In contrast to the series, in which the Guymelefs are mechanical, the Dragon Armor in the movie appears to be organic and almost like a living being. Rather than being powered by Energists, it uses the blood of the person controlling it as its power source.