"I don't care what the legends say. They've nothing to do with Varie! I've fallen in love with Varie, nothing can separate us!" - Goau Fanel

Goau was the King of Fanelia before Van. He was the husband of Varie Fanel and father of Folken Fanel and Van Fanel. Not much is known about Goau as he appears only twice in the series: in episode 7 and again in 11 when Hitomi sees Van's memories, and in the end as he watches her leave.

In the story, one night as he was walking with Balgus he encountered Varie in the woods, who told him she had been waiting for him, and that their meeting had been preordained.

Goau was struck by her beauty and asked her to marry him. He took her back to Fanelia and made her his Queen, telling his advisors not to judge her for being a Draconian woman. He dies of unexplained causes, presumably illness, while Folken and Van are still young.