Age 20s
Affiliations Zaibach

The Dragon Slayers

Kingdom Zaibach
First Appearance The Gallant Swordsman


Gatti is one of 15 members of Zaibach's Dragon Slayers, an elite squad of Guymelef pilots serving on the Vione, and fanatically loyal to their commander, Dilandau.

Gatti is the Dragon Slayers' second in command. He seems to push his luck with Dilandau just a little bit more than the other 'Slayers, occasionally speaking out of turn, or giving Dilandau the odd glare. He has the greater portion of responsibilities, as it is he who delivers reports and messages to Dilandau, and when Dilandau decides to abandon his battle with Allen in Episode 4, it is Gatti who he orders to finish the fight.