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Gaea created as the last wish of the Atlanteans during the fall of Atlantis. Episode 17

Gaea is the planet on which the events of The Vision of Escaflowne and Escaflowne take place. Hitomi Kanzaki is transported to Gaea in a pillar of light after her pendant reacted to Van's drag-energist following his completion of the Rite of Succession.

Gaea exists in an alternate dimension from Earth, and is a replica with oceans, continents, and even the ruins of ancient civilization. Its size, mass, atmospheric composition, temperature belts, and even seasons are essentially similar to those of Earth, though given some of the jumping and acrobatic feats of some of the show's characters, it is possible that the gravity is slightly lower than Earth's. However, although people on Earth cannot see Gaea, people on Gaea see both the Moon and Earth in their nightly expanse.

Gaea was created by the combined wish from those on the doomed Atlantis once they had realized that their ways were the end of their own civilization.

Countries Edit

Over a hundred different countries exist on Gaea.

In the anime Edit

  • Fanelia
  • Asturia
  • Freid
  • Zaibach
  • Basram
  • Daedalus: Neighboring country of Asturia.
  • Egzardia: Neighboring country of Asturia.
  • Cesario

In the movie Edit

  • Adom
  • Torushina

Statistics Edit

  • Circumference at Equator approximately 40053 km
  • Circumference through North and South Poles approximately 40009 km
  • Density 5.5 times water
  • Surface 510,000,000 km2
  • Volume 1,100,000,000 km3

Trivia Edit

  • Gaea is the English transliteration for Gaia, the goddess of Mother Earth in ancient Greek legends.