Age 18
Birthday Unknown
Father Unnamed †
Mother Unnamed †
Siblings Naria
Issues None
Love Interest Folken Fanel
Affiliations Zaibach
Kingdom Asturia (birthplace)


Height 177 cm (5'10)
Weight 56 kg (123 lbs)
First Appearance Lost Paradise
Voice Narumi Hidaka (Japanese)

Saffron Henderson (Bandai dub)
Felecia Angelle (Funimation dub)

Eriya is the twin sister of Naria who serves Zaibach under Folken Fanel. She is the pilot of the Gold Teiring.

Ten years ago, Eriya’s and Naria’s parents were killed due to prejudice against their race, and thus the two were bullied for meaningless reasons until they faced death itself. When in that position, the sisters were saved by Folken, and throughout their time spent with him, the two fell deeply in love with him. Just like Jajuka to Dilandau Albatou, the two’s serving Zaibach is due to their loyalty to Folken, and not through their truly believing in the motives of the kingdom. Through intense training for several years, the two became extremely skilled in several forms of combat, their specialty being Guymelef combat. They were both given the unique Guymelef suit Teiring, a Guymelef specifically designed for high-speed flight and attack missions. After which, the two presumed their loyalty to Folken, carrying out any task he set them to the best of their ability, even if it threatened their very own existence.

Trivia Edit

  • Eriya is the younger of the two twins.
  • Her original name, before being rechristened by Folken, was Belubelu.