Dilandau Albatou
Age 15
Birthday August 8
Father None
Mother None
Siblings None
Issues None
Love Interest None
Affiliations Zaibach

The Dragon Slayers

Kingdom Zaibach
Height 175 cm (5'7)
Weight 61 kg (134 lbs)
First Appearance The Gallant Swordsman
Voice Minami Takayama (Japanese)

Andrew Francis (Bandai dub)
Joel McDonald (Funimation dub)

"Hey, it's your fault. The city's on fire because of you. My cheek is throbbing because of you. So DIE!" - Dilandau Albatou
Dilandau Albatou (ディランドゥ・アルバタウ Dirandu Arubatau) is one of the main villains of The Vision of Escaflowne and Escaflowne. He is the leader of the Dragonslayers, Zaibach’s elite squad specializing mostly in special operations and Guymelef-related missions. Through the Escaflowne storyline, they are usually sent to capture the “White Dragon” (Escaflowne, insofar as Emperor Dornkirk is concerned as long as they are alive). It is through these missions that he meets the young king of Fanelia, Van Fanel, and develops a deep and utter loathing for him after he scars his face during a fight on the Vione.

Dilandau also has a long-standing loathing of Allen Schezar, probably because Allen is not scared of him like most people. It may be a subconscious reaction to his own suppressed knowledge that Allen is "his" older brother.


"Burn . . . burn . . . burn!" - Dilandau Albatou

He is short-tempered, incredibly narcissistic, as well as sadistic, violent, and arrogant. While Dilandau's intelligence and absolute ruthlessness make him a formidable warrior, he is so impulsive that his actions sometimes lead to his defeat. Yet, his sadism and megalomania belie a troubled past and a more complex character, depicted in flashbacks and psychological breakdowns.

Early LifeEdit

It is known from the canon Drama CD "The Thought of Jeture" that Dilandau was given his special forces command at the age of fourteen. He had, according to Folken, proven himself by "having taken the neck of an enemy general of the highest rank", an accomplishment which Folken praises as "a magnificent feat" for someone of Dilandau's young age. Interestingly, Dilandau shows Folken considerably more respect and deference in that particular scene than he does at any point in time during the story's main timeline. This might suggest that something happened between then and the start of the series to earn Folken Dilandau's contempt, however this is purely speculation.

Very little is known about his early life, but towards the end of the series it is revealed that Dilandau is actually Allen's long-lost sister Celena Schezar. Thought to be dead, Celena had actually been kidnapped and brainwashed through a series of fate-altering experiments, which mutated her into a male. Thus, the persona Dilandau was created.

It becomes clear during the series that Jajuka cares for him despite his actions, the reason behind this is revealed later on when we are shown that Jajuka was the one who cared for Celena after she was kidnapped, and ultimately turned into Dilandau.

During the WarEdit

"I haven't hunted dragons in a long time. This is going to be such fun!" -Dilandau Albatou

Dilandau Albatou (ディランドゥ・アルバタウ Dirandu Albatou?) is the leader of an elite group of Guymelef pilots called the Dragon Slayers in Dornkirk's army. He almost completely lacks self-control, compassion, and conscience. His greatest pleasures come from fighting and destruction, and the joy he takes in burning things suggests pyromania. In battle, Dilandau pilots an advanced red Guymelef with flight mode, stealth cloak, flame-thrower and liquid-metal Crima Claw capabilities named the Alseides. As the series progresses, Dilandau grows increasingly unstable. While clearly disturbed in his early appearance, his insanity grows after he receives a cut on the face during a fight with Van Fanel.

Though he treats them very harshly, often abusing them for little or no reason, Dilandau is also emotionally dependent on the Dragon Slayers. After all of his men are killed, he becomes completely unstable and spends much of his time in an apathetic daze, only coming to life on the battlefield as he gleefully maims and kills. For their part, despite his harsh treatment, the Dragon Slayers are fanatically loyal to him, up to and beyond death.


Towards the end of the series it is revealed he is actually Allen Schezar's lost sister, Celena Schezar (セレナ・シェザール?), who was kidnapped, brainwashed and mutated into a male through a series of fate-altering experiments. In flashbacks of his childhood, it is revealed that Jajuka was Celena's caretaker when she first arrived in Zaibach and became Dilandau's emotional anchor. As his mental state deteriorates, Dilandau's memories try to return and he briefly returns to being Celena, though she is stuck in a naive, childlike state. During this time, Celena is reunited with Allen for a short time, but the Dilandau personality reemerges. During a climatic battle with Van, Jajuka is killed protecting Dilandau.

Before he dies, he tells Dilandau its okay to be Celena again, triggering Dilandau to revert to his real self again. Celena and Allen are reunited again, and the Dilandau personality is presumably not seen again.


In contrast to the series, Dilandau was half-human half-Draconian with the same psychic abilities as Van and Folken. Though little information is given about his background, Folken mentions that he found Dilandau living with feral dogs. He was given the ancient armor Alseides, though it was defeated (fairly quickly) and destroyed by Escaflowne.

At the end of the movie, Dilandau and his few surviving Dragonslayers depart to parts unknown, seeking new battles. Movie Dilandau seems to handle his defeat at Van's hands quite well compared to similar events in the series, though otherwise the two versions of the character seem to have similar mental instabilities.


  • According to the way Dilandau holds his sword, he is right-handed.

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