Balgus Ganesha
Age 70
Kingdom Fanelia
First Appearance The Girl From the Mystic Moon
Voice Tessho Genda (Japanese)

Don Brown (Bandai dub)
Christopher Guerrero (Funimation dub)

 "Fight! Use your bloodstained hands to cut free from the sorrow of war! Lord Van!" - Balgus

Balgus Ganesha is one of the three master swordsmen of Gaea and a general of Fanelia's army. He served under Van's father, Goau Fanel in his younger days and later left to travel around Gaea, searching to improve his skills. He met Allen Schezar and trained him for a time, but when Van's father died he returned to Fanelia to look after Van and his mother. When Zaibach destroyed Fanelia, he died while saving Van and Hitomi.

Though he perished early in the series he continues to affect the lives of the main characters through his lasting influence as both a mentor to Van and teacher to Allen. He often reappears in flashbacks.