"This is certainly unusual. You've never prayed in your life, and yet here you are in a place like this." - Eries Aston
Allen Schezar and Eries Aston.

Aler ep19 03
​​​​​​Having observed how falling in love with Allen caused her sisters to question their fates as princesses, Eries has a difficult relationship with Allen. Though Allen is a close friend and she cares about him, family is important to her, and she wants her younger sister, Millerna, to be happy. Knowing what happened with Marlene, she is unsure if Allen can give her that happiness. She is also concerned that Allen is hurting himself by attaching himself to Millerna just because he sees Marlene in her. When Allen claims that he will never fall in love again, she looks at Hitomi asleep behind him and calls him a liar.

When Van, Hitomi, and the others return to Palas, she informs them of how Father fell ill when Millerna left to go along with Allen. She glares at Allen as she says this. Later that same day, she meets Allen in the graveyard where she brings flowers to lay on Encia's grave. She tells Allen to let Millerna go because she has found happiness with Dryden, and he believes her. He says that he doesn't believe it's just a political marriage, and that otherwise he would have killed Dryden. She is touched by his words.

When Celena returns to Allen, Allen meets Eries out in the graveyard at Encia's grave, where he tells Eries that Celena lost her memory. Just before Celena reverts back into Dilandau, he asks Eries to look after his sister, and she smiles.

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  • According to the Escaflowne Compendium, director Kazuki Akane says that Eries refuses marriage prospects because she herself has unrequited feelings toward Allen. This is neither explicitly confirmed or deconfirmed in the anime.

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