Allen Crusade Schezar
Age 21
Birthday November 3
Father Leon Schezar
Mother Encia Schezar
Siblings Celena Schezar
Issues Chid Freid
Love Interest Marlene Aston

Millerna Aston
Hitomi Kanzaki

Affiliations Castelo
Kingdom Asturia
Height 185 cm (6'1)
Weight 71 kg (157 lbs)
First Appearance The Gallant Swordsman
Voice Shin-ichiro Miki (Japanese)

Brian Drummond (Bandai dub)
Sonny Strait (Funimation dub)

"I can't die here! I'll settle things with you once and for all in the Mystic Valley, Father!" - Allen Schezar

Allen Schezar (アレン・シェザール Aren Shezāru) is the tritagonist of The Vision of Escaflowne and a minor character in Escaflowne.

He is the son of Leon Schezar and Encia Schezar and the older brother of Celena Schezar. He is also the biological father of Prince Chid. Allen is one of the Knights Caeli, an elite order of swordsmen in Asturia that only allow 12 into their ranks at any one time. He is also the pilot of the Guymelef Scherazade.

Appearance Edit

Allen has waist-length blonde hair and blue eyes. Normally, he wears a Knight Caeli uniform: a white button-down shirt with puffy sleeves, a lilac neckerchief, a blue vest, a brown sword belt, blue pants, and brown boots. When he does not have his Caeli uniform on, he wears the same button down-shirt but with black pants and a purple scarf belt across his waist. He is seen with his hair tied back in Episode 24 and with a shorter haircut in Marlene's flashback. As Hitomi noticed, his face strongly resembles that of Amano Susumu.


Allen is a generally amiable young man who has proper etiquette, especially when speaking to women. He is a dashing ladies man who often steals the hearts of women. He is cool, calm, collected, and a very brave and efficient fighter. In contrast to Van who is highly impulsive and wears his emotions on his sleeve, Allen is more analytical and precise in battle, and is often cautious when making decisions.

In the anime Edit

Early life Edit

“I have no family and no home. My sword is all I have. How can I go on living if I lost?!”
21 years ago, Allen Crusade Schezar was born on November 3. He grew up in a mansion in Asturia with his father Leon, mother Encia, and sister Celena. When Allen was still young, Leon left home in search of Yuri Kanzaki and the secret of Atlantis, leading Allen to resent him in the belief that he had abandoned his family. Ten years ago, Allen was outside with Celena when she suddenly disappeared, and he was unable to find her. Due to Celena’s disappearance, Encia died of a broken heart, leaving Allen alone without any family remaining.

Racked by grief, Allen ran away from home and joined a group of bandits in disguise. He picked up the sword and began to pick fights with other swordsmen. When he was in his early teenage years, he encountered the Fanelian samurai Balgus Ganesha, one of the Three Master Swordsmen of Gaea, whom he challenged to a duel. Balgus defeated him without any effort, and Allen begged for Balgus to kill him, believing that he had nothing to live for since he had no family or home. Balgus told Allen that he was talented, but saw no promise in someone who thought only of technique, and that the real challenge of being a swordsman was to hone oneself. Deeply affected by Balgus’ words, Allen trained with him for a time before returning to Asturia.

When he was about fifteen years old, Allen returned to Asturia and fought in a tournament against other swordsmen. His prowess led him to be named to the elite order of the Knights Caeli, of which there are only twelve at one time. The eldest princess of Asturia, Marlene Aston, had seen him at the tournament and asked her father to station Allen at Palas. Allen and Marlene met and fell in love. Although Marlene was married to the Duke of Freid a few months later, she and Allen had already slept together, and Chid Freid was conceived as a result.

Gaea War Edit

Allen meets Hitomi and Van when the Mole Man tried to rob Hitomi of her pendant necklace. Allen comes to Hitomi's aid and she faints thinking he is Amano. Thinking that he was the cause of Hitomi fainting, Van attacks Allen, and is swiftly defeated. Allen brings the two of them to his outpost, where he tells them that Fanelia has been destroyed.

In the movie Edit

Allen is the leader of the resistance group called the Abaharaki, which is composed of refugees from countries destroyed by the Black Dragon Clan. He is first seen giving his troops the command to shoot down the Black Dragon Clan ship passing by their caravan, unknowing that Van, Escaflowne, and Hitomi are on the very same ship.

Blaming her for Escaflowne's disappearance, Van threatens to kill Hitomi. Allen interrupts and challenges him, claiming he won't let a woman be harmed in his presence. Van and Allen have a brief duel and Allen knocks him to the ground before he is incapacitated by Gaddes throwing a dagger. Allen invites Hitomi to join them, asking her as the Wing Goddess to give them the shelter of her wings. Overwhelmed, she faints and is taken aboard the Abaharaki caravan.

When Dilandau, his Dragonslayers, and Jajuka launch an attack on the caravan, Allen is among the group fighting them off.

While Van doubts that Hitomi may be the Wing Goddess, Allen believes that Hitomi is indeed the Wing Goddess. When Van and Hitomi fly away after she helps rescue him from being trapped inside his mind, Allen is seen with Millerna, watching Van's feathers falling from the sky.

It is unknown whether the Abaharaki also disbanded after the dissolution of the Black Dragon Clan.

Musical themes Edit

Allen's theme is "Cradle Song." It first plays in Episode 4 when he tells Hitomi about Celena's disappearance and his mother's death.

His theme is an orchestrated version of Folken's theme, "Fatal," which Van claims is a Fanelian melody.


  • According to the way he holds his sword in the anime, Allen is right-handed.
  • Allen shares his voice actor in the Japanese and Bandai English dubs with Amano Susumu.
  • In the Katsu Aki manga, his name is Allen Schezar VIII, despite that his father does not share his first name. This may have led to the misconception that his full name is Allen Crusade Schezar VIII.
  • The name of Allen's owl companion is Natal, which means "Christmas" in Portuguese.
  • During development, he was tentatively named Allen Baado.
  • In the video game Starcraft, there is an homage to Allen: a character named Alan Schezar who also pilots a mech unit.

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